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    We are serious dog lovers and our aim is make your pet’s trip to the groomers a positive experience.


Luxury Dog
Grooming in Greystones

Vanity Fur is a state-of-the-art luxury dog grooming studio in the centre of Greystones village, Co.Wicklow. We are serious dog lovers and our aim is make your pet’s trip to the groomers a positive experience, one that he will enjoy and look forward to. For this reason, please don’t take it personally if we prioritise your pooch’s needs over yours because at Vanity Fur, he or she is Top Dog.


Learn more about Vanity Fur and services that we offer by watching our intro video below. Thank you.

About Us

A trip to Vanity Fur usually starts with a consultation with our Head Honcho Maria. She will meet and greet you and your pet and discuss the grooming procedure, what styling options are available based on your dog’s age, coat condition and breed and then agree next steps. We work with only the highest quality grooming products and equipment, focusing on natural and organic wherever possible, so as to avoid using unnecessarily harsh chemicals on your pet’s coat.

During different parts of the procedure they might have a play, a bathroom break, or a time-out in the relaxation area, but if you have any special requests or have a particularly nervous dog, we will do our best to accommodate and make sure everyone feels at ease. The deal is usually sealed with a treat for your dog which shows his consent. At home time, we will give you a report card of your dog’s stay with us as well as a guide to maintaining his groom at home.
We also welcome passing visitors who want to stop by and say hello. Vanity Fur’s studio floor is fully visible so feel free to pop in and check us out before you make your booking. Refreshments are provided for your pooch if you are just passing by in our self-service bowls that are always available outside our studio.

Why Grooming?

The top 5 reasons for regular grooming of your pet!

You mean, it’s not all about looking good?!

Well we’d be lying if we said a big part of what we do isn’t about making your pet look spiffy. We are called Vanity Fur after all. And who doesn’t like a fresh smelling, manicured, fluffy tailed pooch with a spring in his step and a twinkle in his eye? It sure beats sharing a sofa with the canine equivalent of Rab C. Nesbitt.

But regular grooming and maintenance has many other benefits.

Skin and Fur Health

Your dog’s coat and skin becomes damaged from constant exposure to dirt, grime, parasites and the elements. Matting is a common problem and if not dealt with can entangle your dog’s fur all the way down to their skin, which is painful as it pulls on the skin. Take a wad of your own hair and pull it. Hard. Harder again. Now, stay that way for the next few weeks, or even months, and see how you like it. Hurts doesn’t it? The skin can become inflamed and red and leave your pet susceptible to painful sores which can then become infected. Not to mention we really don’t think Fifi can pull off the Rasta look…


Thorough brushing of your dogs coat removes dead undercoat, dirt and debris that can become a very welcoming home for bacteria, mites, fleas and parasites. These little guys love nothing more than a dirty coat to get all cosy in. By getting rid of foreign bodies and keeping fur clean you protect both your pet and yourself from harmful diseases such as tapeworm. We could show you a picture of what this would look like, but we’re going to go easy on you this time…

If you suspect your dog already has a parasite problem however then we can offer corrective treatments and friendly advice on how to deal with it going forward.

Nail Health

Help protect your dog from pain and discomfort by ensuring his nails are kept neatly manicured. He can run and play a lot more easily when his nails aren’t too long and carrying all of his body weight when he walks, or growing so far back they protrude into the paw pad. It also helps when they’re scrambling around on your new leather sofa, or learning to high five…

Improved Mental Health

An amazing change happens in a dog after they have been cleaned and groomed. They feel better, and are therefore happier, more energetic and playful. A warm soothing bath, de-clogging of their ears and shedding off that excess coat gives your dog a confidence boost and helps him reignite his zest for life.

While we believe that prevention is better than cure, it is never too late to start getting your dog groomed. De-matting a dog can be a traumatic experience for them however, so regular grooming is an essential step to avoid putting him through any unnecessary pain. We are very strong believers in treating all our canine clients with the care, gentle touch and respect that they deserve. Your dog’s welfare is our utmost priority, above and beyond any aesthetics. Under animal care guidelines, if 60% or more of your dog’s coat is matted then it will need to be clipped off rather than de-matted so as to avoid undue stress and discomfort to your pet. After this, a maintenance programme can be introduced in order to keep him on track and looking gorgeous.

What our customers say about us

Maria obviously loves dogs as do all of the guys there. Lovely groom carried out on my Boni today and lots of friendly and professional advice given to help us going forward.

David H

Maria and the girls really helped me out today by grooming a stray dog before he went to his new home. He looked like a new dog and smelled so good. He is starting his new life in style!!

Anne-Marie B