Dog Grooming Services –
An overview

A quick guide to our pricing of dog grooming services Vanity Fur, please note that due to size difference amongst different breeds, a lot of our pricing varies.

  • Full Groom
    Price Varies
    Includes brush out, bath, blueberry facial, fluff dry, clipping and finishing, as well as emptying the anal glands, nails, ears, eyes and hygiene areas
  • Wash & Blow Dry
    Price Varies
    Includes brush out, bath and fluff dry
  • Hand Stripping
    Hand stripping maintains a proper wire coat and involves pulling out the dead outer coat of wire-hired breeds by hand instead of using a clippers. It is more time consuming than regular grooming and only suitable for certain breeds.
  • Mini Groom
    Tidy up scissoring of face, paws and hygiene areas in between grooms
  • Nail Clip

    Quick maintenance trim, no appointment necessary

    We offer a complimentary brush out between grooms service to our Prefurred Clients, in order to maintain the condition of their coat and prevent matting. This helps ensure that each full groom is then able to be performed to the length you wish. This is particularly helpful for those breeds such as Bichon Frises, Cavishons, Labradoodles etc who are prone to matting. We do ask however that this is utilised on a fair usage basis, so only when you are booked in for another groom within a maximum of 8 weeks since the last one.
  • Puppy’s 1st Groom
    Price Varies
    Once your puppy has had all their vaccinations, typically around the 12 week point, they are ready to be introduced to the grooming studio. The sooner you familiarise your puppy with being groomed, the easier and more pleasant the experience will be for him. If your puppy doesn’t yet need a groom or even a bath, but you would like to get him used to the grooming studio and see that it is not a place to dread coming to, then why not bring him in to meet us and get used to the smells, what it feels like to sit up on the table, get brushed out etc.

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Bookings fill fast on a week to week basis for dog grooming at Vanity Fur, Greystones. Please make your booking or enquiry directly with us by phone or call in to the salon directly.

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